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BD 77.000 BD 53.900

“Dal3ni” or “Dala’ani” is an Arabic word that means pamper me, this word usually used by the wife if she want to ask her husband to pamper her and treat her with extra romantic care.


For that reason we designed our package to satisfy our customers and to allow the husband to pamper his wife in a different way.


Product Description

The Package includes:

1- Full Body Waxing (Arms & Legs) to make your skin soften like the silk.

2- One hour in our Hot Tub Jacuzzi, enjoying the warm bubbles with mineral salt and hydrotherapy massage.
3- Luxuriance Moroccan Bath as it is an ideal treatment that is able to treat blocked pores and dead skin as it reaches those areas of your body. Among the many benefits of any well performed Moroccan Bath you will notice the lightening of your skin tone and evening out your skin pigmentation while using purely herbal remedies, and warm steam that awakens the pores and helps extract the dirt from the skin.
4- Blow-Dry to add volume, shining and smoothen your hair.

5- Day Make-Up which will give you a bride look for the best night.

And get yourself ready!


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